1. What is life coaching?

A life coach essentially seeks to restore an individual’s faltering confidence and empower them so they can live a life of their full potential.

I have many tools in my tool box which help to provide Guidance, Empowerment and Improvement for women to broaden their perspective, realise their own self-worth and enabling them to reach their full potential and fulfil their goals and dreams with confidence. 

It's very like having your own personal trainer,  like a sports coach, but in a business and personal sense. I help ladies to take appropriate and focussed action.  

2. What can I expect from a coach?

  • challenge
  • accountability
  • inspiration
  • support
  • direction, momentum and
  • confirmation/validation

I will provide you with all the tools you will need to bridge the gap from where you are now to where you want to be, and yes - there will be things that may challenge you. Get comfy with being uncomfortable. You will never discover your greatness whilst staying in your comfort zone. Change in inevitable - embrace it!

Working with me will bring out the best of you. I'm your friendly nag and firm but loving "kick in the butt" in a secure, confidential and supportive environment. I have a big heart and want what's best for you.

3. Where do I start with a coach?

I always start with a 30 minute informal Zoom chat - think of it as if I'm buying you a coffee. We'll chat about your dreams, wishes, wants and desires and how determined you are to achieve them. It's also your chance to ask me questions too so we can get to know each other better - no judgements just a fun informal chat (laughing is essential!).

I will then make suggestions for you and we'll go from there (with no obligations or pressure). You will always get to tap into a Facebook tribe of like-minded ladies even if you choose not to work with me directly. I pop in and happily answer questions there or you can always PM me too. I may not get back to you immediately but will do so within 24 hours. Still unsure? Subsequent coffee chats are available for a small fee. 

You can schedule your Virtual Coffee Chat call HERE.

4. Can I work on anything I need?

Yes. We drill down into 12 major areas of your world and you can select the one which is most pressing or relevant to you. So as long as you are serious about making life changes in that area, and are willing to put in the hours and take the actions, you can work on what you need most. 

What matters is that you are willing to work on the whole of who you are. That means, we will start with that "thing" you need, and we'll move into other areas of your life as we go on your path.

5. What if I sign up and decide this is not for me? DO you have a money back guarantee?

Yes, I call it my "participate and get your money back" guarantee. If within the first month of our relationship you show up to the calls and participate fully in the coaching process, you can simply let me know this is not working for you and I will completely refund your money.

To honour the coaching agreement and the coaching process, if you sign up and do not show up for your coaching sessions, do not do the follow up work, etc, then I will not refund your money

6. What if I have to re-schedule an appointment?

With at least a 24 hour notice, you can reschedule any appointment by using the online calendar system. Just complete the following steps:

  1. Log into your Private Client Website Area.
  2. Click on the Calendar Menu.
  3. Locate and click on the desired block of “Available” time (or if you already have an existing appointment, click on the title of your existing appointment that you wish to reschedule)
  4. Click on the "edit" button and change the details of the appointment to correspond with an "Available" block of time.
  5. The calendar will update itself, you'll see your new appointment reflected and I will receive an email notification letting me know of the change. 

7. What happens if I miss a call due to an emergency?

No worries, if in the emergency, you are unable to contact me, contact me as soon as possible. Please, take care of your emergency first. Then, we can do laser coaching right in your client log until our next scheduled call. If you give me 24 hours notice I will do my best to reschedule your appointment as usual. If you simply don't show up....you miss that call, and it is counted toward your total calls. With accountability comes responsibility, but I do my utmost to support you - I know that life gets on the way. 

8. Is the client centre and my data confidential, secure and safe?

Yes! In fact, there are 3 levels of security: provided to keep your data safe and confidential:  

  1. Username and password protected;
  2. Verisign Security Certificate protects your data on this site; 
  3. Secured pages (https://)

You are the only one that has access to your information.

9. Can I contact you in-between our scheduled coaching sessions?

 Yes! In the event that you would like support on something that comes up in between our meetings, you can post an inquiry to the Client Log and we can have "just in time" coaching via your Private Client Website. Or you can post on the Facebook page if you feel someone else may be able to help you or answer your question.


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